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Martin County Fire Rescue Explorer Post 836 is a career oriented program designed for those youths aged 14 to 21 (Must be in 9th grade.  New Explorers accepted up to age 18) with a calling towards supporting their community with compassion and pride in the fire service. Firefighting and emergency medical care in Martin County is an essential set of public services that serves our residents and visitors every day. 

Cadets in Martin County Fire Rescue's Explorer Post 836 train in both firefighting and emergency medical skills. Training is conducted in a structured manner that lays down a foundation of skills before building on those skills with more advanced firefighting and EMS techniques. These skills are routinely tested in friendly competition with other Fire Rescue Explorer Posts throughout the state.

In addition to skills directly related to the profession, we focus on teamwork and leadership skills, as well as managing personal responsibility. These traits, being essential to every firefighter, are instilled in combination with the challenges of the skill work mentioned above, their responsibility to the post, and to their fellow cadets. Our cadets gain potentially lifelong friendships with their fellow cadets as they learn each others strengths and weaknesses, supporting each other as they learn various skills and proceed through various fire ground evolutions.

Preparing cadets for the rigorous mental and physical demands of attending a fire academy is a key focus of your leadership team. The preparation we provide will hopefully allow for your son or daughter to excel in any program they choose to attend.

Developing responsible young adults with a passion for public service is just a small way Martin County Firefighters give back to our community. It is with great pride that we provide this program and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with further information.

Our next Open House will be scheduled in May 18th, 2020 at Fire Rescue Headquarters, 2nd floor, 800 SE Monterey Road Stuart.  Open house will start at 7:00pm.  Future explorer with parent should attend open house for information.  Interested Explorers will complete application and schedule for an Explorer Interview to be held following open house.  The program is limited to no more than 30 Explorers and requires participation at each event/training. 



Please click "Contact Us" above to have a Post 836 representative contact you. 

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