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05/09/2015 - Palm Beach Gardens Firematics Competition Results


On May 9th, Martin County Fire Rescue Explorer Post 836 competed in a Firematics competition that took place in Palm Beach Gardens. We are proud to announce that our post was able to field two teams, competed well, and ultimately won the following awards:

  • 1st place - Overall
  • 1st place - Midnight Drill
  • 2nd place - Midnight Drill
  • 1st place - Hose Roll
  • 2nd place - Running Hose
  • 3rd place - Running Hose
  • 2nd place - Hose Deployment

The teamwork and fundamental skills developed via the training our cadets receive, shined bright when the stress of competition was placed upon them. We congratulate all our cadets on an effort well done and remind them that our work is neither done, nor perfected.